Friday, October 26, 2012

Make money by answering questions

I've found a simple way to make some money online. And all you need to do is answering questions and you'll get paid for your part of the Google Adsense advertisment.

Webanswers is a website where you can answer questions but also make the questions yourself. To start off you'll have to create a new account and then you can begin answering questions. All new members has to first answer 50 questions before you can connect your Google Adsense account to your Webanswers account. If you don't have an Google Adsense account you can easily open an account for free and start earning money all around the internet. Webanswers will even help you with that as soon as you have reached the 50 questions

To be able to make money you have to get as many of your answers as "awarded" by the member who made the question. Once you are awarded you'll begin to make money on the Google Adsense advertisment that is shown on the question page. As you begin to get more "awarded" questions you will also receive a part of the overall Google Adsense advertisment around the Webanswers standard webpages and not just your awarded questions.

As always content is king so you'll have to write good and informative answers to be able to get as many "awarded" questions as possible and of course to get more people to read the questions and answers. The more people that watches the questions and answers, the more you'll make.

Today there are already lots of people that are making a large portion of their monthly income with webanswers and to get there you'll need to answer alot of questions. As time goes by you'll hopefully have a lot of "awarded" questions and they come up to a nice sum of money each month. My philosophy is to do many different thing on the internet and hopefully everything together is enough to live of each month. I've just started with Webanswers so I can't show much I've made right now but I'll keep reporting on how it has gone as the months goes by.

Good luck with your online enterprises and your way into making more money.

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