Sunday, December 9, 2012

Write articles and make money

One way that can be both educational and fun is to write articles on Hubpages. Hubpages is a website where you can write almost anything you can think of and at the same time make some money.

You'll need to have or create an Google and Amazon account to begin making money on Hubpages. Anytime someone clicks on the Google ads on your article (or Hub) you'll get paid a cut of those earnings. To make this work you'll have to be able to write interesting articles that people like to read and as more people reads your article you'll get even more readers and followers. Keep writing more articles to attract even more followers and soon you should have a large fan base that loves to read you're articles and hopefully clicks on the Google ads in your Hubs.

Hubpages isn't a quick earning fix. It will probably take time to get a big enough fan base (followers) so that the earnings starts to go up. As you write more articles you can easily put in more ads from Amazon and Ebay. For ex. if you write a review on a TV-series you can put up a module with the DVD set of the latest season for that TV-series from Amazon and Ebay and when anybody buys from these ads you'll get a procentage of the sale amount. So now you have 3 built-in earning alternatives in your articles.

Many Hubbers have been able to make a part time living writing occaissional articles on Hubpages and many makes 1000s of Dollars every months on something that only takes a couple of hours a week. Try it - it is free so you can only make money on Hubpages.

I have some articles on Hubpages that you can check out here.

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