Saturday, December 15, 2012

Won auction on Godaddy

Yesterday Godaddy had an exclusive auction for .info keyword domains. It was an exciting auction with lots of good domain names like,,, and many more. I submitted bids on about 10 of the domains but won only one,

When bying domians my main object is to think out if I can develope it to something likeable and commercial. is a broad generic keyword that can have information regarding on all sorts of securities like stocks, bonds, warrants and much more. My first task is to come up with a plan on how to make the site work and perhaps find a partner that has more experience with securities. I will post more as everything progresses.

It was a bit of a bidding war as the prices for the best domains went up in price. My domain went up to $600 whitch is a ok price for such a generic keyword. My main goal had been to buy and to develop that domain into a socialsite for the worlds top chefs but the price went up to high for my taste and was sold for $1365. This maybe wasen't such a high price for such a good generic keyword but my motto is not to put everything in one basket but to have a bunch of projects running at the same time.

Here are the final bids for the .info auctions that I bid on:
(and my thoughts on what could have been done on the sites...) $305 (Maybe stockmarket info for the Spanish of Portuguese markets) $2510 (The name says it all - information about bonds from around the world) $1365 (Socialsite for the worlds top chefs) $1360 (Blog on discounts from all sorts of sites like Amazon, ebay etc.) £300 (Perfect for an up and comming internet bank) $930 (would have been a great site for information on upcomming elections.) $425 (All the news in one place?) $1105 (Infosite on economic history and updated news on economics today) $730 (Perfect place lists on exhibition around the world) $505 (Blod on todays and yesterdays innovations that will and has changed the world)