Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New project with

I have just started a new webproject in and it will be an information site where you can find pictures and history of the worlds flags.

At the moment I've put up an Wordpress site and each country flag will have it's own post. At first the posts will have a big picture of the countries flag and information on how the flag is built, nicknames for the flag and history of the flag. When all the country flags are posted I will begin writing longer and better texts for the biggest flags and making the site bigger and more content based as time goes by.

To let this project go as smoothly as possible I've set up some goals:

1. All the world country flags are to be online before the 19th of February. At the moment all North- and South-American flags and a few European are online.

2. As the project progresses, SEO will be implemented by signing up the website on various weblists and other blogs. is have already registrered with Google and Bing and hopefully the pages will soon be searchable on those sites.

3. More flags will then be posted so that there is a stream of new posts all the time. New flags could be State flags, company flags, flags from organisation, historical flags and much more.

At the moment monetization of is made via Google but my longterm goal is to put in affiliate offerings from Amazon, ebay, clickbank and others.

I will of course also add backlinks from my other sites like,, etc.

I'll write more as the project progresses so that you can all see how it goes.


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