Monday, December 17, 2012

Make money with domaining

I must say that I'm rather new to domaining and in my quest to find ways into making money in domaing I have found that there are at least 3 different ways. There are probably many more but these are the ones that I've found are the best ones.

1. Park domains
Buy, register domain names and park it with a parking company like,, The parking companies will show a webpage with links from different companies. You'll make money on your domain when a visitor clicks on one of those ads. As you can guess, this will only work if you get a type-in-domain (visitors who find your domain by punching in your domainname in their webbrowser) with lots of daily visitors. Probably only 2-4 visitors per 100 will click on the ads but this of course depends on the domain.

The key is to have many domains that make at least $20 per year so that you make more money than the yearly domin cost. This is an longterm earningplan and the goal is to have a moneymaking machine that gives you PPC (Pay Per Click) revenues every month without having to do anything.

Notice that you should only register domains that are genereric and doesn't infringe on trademarks and company names as this could cost you alot in future lawyer fees.

2. Flipp domians
The second way is to buy and register domain names with the aim to flipp them at a later date by selling them to a buyer. It would take a little more time to get an income stream but as you buy and sell more domain you should be able to make some money. You'll also need to invest more money to buy better domains that could generate a higher pricetag in the future.

3. Develop a website
This is the most expensive way in making money with domains. First you have to find the perfect domainname for your product/service and then develop the website and fill it with content. It takes more time to make money but at the long run it could be the way to make a lot more money than the previous alternatives.

There are loads of other ways to make money on your domains - like selling backlinks (if your domain has a Pagerank of 2 or more), redirecting your visitors to another site that pays you per visitor, lease the domain to a developer or do like did. noticed that they could take out a monthly fee for an e-mail service to their visitors. If you have a lawfirm in Chicago wouldn't you want an e-mail that looked something like lawyer at The Chicago idea would probably only work on a Geo domain or a perfect generic keyword.

My strategy at the moment is to find great domain names and park them with a PPC parking company so that I get some revenues. This gives me the time to figure out what my next move is - to flipp it or to develop av website. I would of course let it be parked should the domain have enough of a revenue stream via the parking company.


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